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While many women with curly hair swear by it, this method is controversial because it can wreck havoc on hair if done incorrectly or by an inexperienced stylist.This permanent method of hair straightening will leave your hair naturally smooth and silky.YUKO Japanese Straightening in Orlando is a permanent hair straightening solution to your unmanaged curly locks.Japanese owned and managed hair salon, providing services in Tokyo, Japan, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

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Whenever a new, outstanding hair treatment technology comes out, almost every woman gets an appointment with her stylist to try it out.

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Here is a beautiful example of our permanent Japanese Straightening service.

Japanese straight perm gives smooth, glossy, shiny straight hair that you see on magazines.

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We receive a lot of calls from people wondering which is best for them.Turn curly, frizzy and unmanageable hair into gorgeous, straight hair, while maintaining the integrity and health of your hair.This life changing hair-straightening process has been featured on Oprah, and in fashion magazines everywhere.Find great deals on eBay for japanese straightening and japanese hair straightening.

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The process combines both chemicals and heat to soften the bonds of the hair to reform the bonds in a straight pattern.

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Our hairsylists have extensive training and experience in competitive but flourishing hair industry in Japan.Relaxers and Straightening Q: What is the difference between a traditional relaxer, Japanese straightening and Brazilian straightening.Japanese Hair Straightening process is a beauty science that takes high-level education, many years of intense practice and must be performed by an expert.One of the newer permanent straightening methods on the block is Japanese hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning.

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For straightening, we offer Japanese Hair Straightening, which is thermal reconditioning.

My Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening review and a comparison to Japanese Hair Straightening treatment.Yuko and Liscio are amongst the best known of the Japanese systems and they all generally claim to be kind to hair, leaving you with re-conditioned and perfectly straight hair.This is done with the help of thermal conditioning or use of chemicals that break the protein bonds to give hair the desired shape.It has been over 6 months and my hair is still looking beautiful.Japanese Straightening is a permanent chemical service therefore the only way to remove it from your hair is to grow it out from the root.

We believe an open exchange of ideas between yourself and our professionally trained staff are designed to exceed your greatest expectations, But most importantly just relax and enjoy your salon experience with us.

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It is an effective way of transforming curly or rough hair into hair as straight as a pin.Choose Japanese straightening if you have loose to medium curls.

The process, which is also called thermal reconditioning, gained popularity in Manhattan, when the straight-hair craze took the city and fashion capitals by storm.

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